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The Information Highway is Insane…

Wow… The information Highway is getting a little crazy.  Blogger, FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, LiveJournal, Photobucket, flickr, orkut, and many, many others.  Is this crazy?  Do we need so many different ways and places to stay in touch or even to tell our personal business?  Do we really need everyone knowing everything?  Are we really staying in touch, or are we just polluting the internet (and our lives) with useless information? 

I recently joined Twitter and I have absolutely no idea why.  “What are you doing?”  What?  I think to myself; If people want to know what I’m doing or not doing, they can check out my networking site, or facebook, or email me, or text me, or write a letter.  Hmm… most of my online friends don’t have information to that extent.  I bounce between “Do I like myspace, or do I like facebook?”  As my needs change, so do my preferences.  Yeppers, it can be fun, interesting, and even informative.  But do we really need so many different sites?  I have so many that it is next to impossible to stay in touch with all of them on a daily basis, or even every few days.

Today, I received an email from Twitter stating that some guy I don’t know is “following” me.  Uh… why?  Why did he choose to follow me?  My page isn’t even supposed to be searchable, so how did he even find me?  Considering that we don’t know each other, what possible interest could he have in my activities?  In this case, I’m sure it’s nothing but a thing.  But… there are many times that not-so-good people use these sites for not-so-good purposes.

Personally, I’ll have to decide if Twitter and some of the other sites are beneficial to me, or possibly harmful or even just a nuisance.  I do keep a handle on what information is exposed and to whom, but on the internet, that doesn’t mean much.  Even this blog or any other could expose me or mine in a way I did not intend.  As members of these online sites, we post information, pictures, email addresses, birthdays… all sorts of things that could be used to expose, harm, or even find us in our offline worlds.  If you’re reading this, you are a part of this information highway just as I am.

Take care with what you read, post, and share online.  Delete the accounts that you don’t really use, and review the info that you have on the others.  Let’s take control of this highway together.  When you have time, let me know what you think about this subject.

Thank you for reading!



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