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Snakes, snakes, and more snakes | How did I get through this day?

This is just a short post (not too short) to vent about this horrible day.
It started out pretty good. I awoke in a good mood and made my coffee. My daughter and my dog were boucing around with joy. I poured my 1st cup of coffee, and my 4 yr old daughter let the dog out. Then it happened. 

The dog barked and my daughter screamed. It was a terrifying scream. It took two seconds for me to get to her and find the mouth of a 6 foot snake just inches from her head. I grabbed her and pulled her into the house. Luckily and thankfully, she hadn’t been bitten. The dog continued to bark, but wouldn’t let me near him. He was determined to get that snake (the first of two).
I said this would be a short post (yeah right), so let me cut to the chase. My daughter and I are okay (and so is the dog), but there are at least two snakes in the house. I say at least two, because about a month ago, I found a 6 foot snake skin in the garage. And no, that skin didn’t belong to these snakes… completely different patterns. I contacted every relevant agency, and none of them helped. With less talk and more work, they could’ve arrived at my house before the snakes got in. I had managed to keep them out for about 45 minutes before they finally achieved their goal. And FYI, one the agencies is about 12-15 minutes from my house. Those people want me to do their jobs, and they were more concerned about telling me about the rights of the snakes: “If you catch one, you have to call us so that we can come get it. Believe it or not, snakes are an endangered species.” What??!! Are you kidding me? Oh yes, that’s what I’m worrying about when a snake’s mouth is inches away from my daughter’s head! (I’m leaving out some very choice language here as I’m sure you can imagine) Thanks again government agencies for proving you don’t give a snake’s ass about the people you’re supposed to serve. Their paychecks is just one more example of money that could be used to boost the economy.

Here’s my thing: Very recently, at least two children in middle TN have died due to snake bites. A third was hospitalized in serious condition. And these are just three that I’m aware of. A friend emailed me with some snake info and a site link. Both her email and the site stated that venomous snakes are rare in our area, and that if the head is rectangular in shape, then it’s most likely nonvenomous. Triangular heads tend to point to the snake being venomous. Well, for the record, these snakes had triangular heads. Now, I don’t know if that info is reliable or not, but considering that children have died recently, I think it’s a fair bet that these snakes are deadly. With that being said, you’d think our government “animal” agencies would be a little more cautious, and not so dismissing and completely lazy and unconcerned. They had better hope and pray that nothing, and I mean NOTHING happens to my daughter as a result of these snakes. God’s grace be with them if it does.



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