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During my many years in this world, I ha…

During my many years in this world, I have often seen people pre-judged because of their appearance. I am one of the many that people make assumptions about for one reason or another. My heart was truly broken when these people walked on stage and I watched the hosts and the audience snicker and make fun of them. That sight always brings me to tears because I personally know how it feels. As each performer transformed the audience, I felt another “take that” moment within myself. I am grateful that these people had within them the courage to step out on stage and try, which is something I never had the courage to do. The problem isn’t reserving judgement until… the problem is judging at all. I truly believe that God puts the most precious gifts in the hands of the least expected. And if we, as a people, would just stop and let go for one moment, those gifts could transform us all.

That was my comment to a blog posted by a friend on MySpace. The blog and videos are about the unexpected talent of three unbelievable people. Most likely, you’ve heard of Susan Boyle, but you may not have “heard” the other two.  If you’re interested, click here.

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