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Overwhelming Sadness for Another Baby

I’ve gone back and forth about whether or not to write this, but my heart is just broken… again. I just heard on the news about a pregnant woman who went to visit someone in prison, gave birth at the prison, and dumped the full-term infant in a trash can. The baby eventually died. This is the 3rd such event I’ve personally heard of this year. My heart is broken!

As most of you know, I’m a single mom of a Baby Angel. I literally waited my whole life for her. She was not my first pregnancy, but is my 1st living child. Society decided years ago to hold women harmless if they decided they had to give up their newborn child. All they have to do is take the newborn to a designated area such as a hospital or fire department, and turn the child over to them. That’s all. Yet, the instances of newborns being left in the trash, or other horrid places, is on the rise. It has steadily increased since the newness of “hold harmless” wore off. I have no money, and I would take any one of these children in a second, regardless of race or disability. And I know there are countless numbers of people that would do the same. As I write this, I am overcome with tears. Can someone please tell me why this continues to happen? ~~Broken Hearted



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