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Work From Home Scam: Home Income Profit system (HIPS)

UPDATE: They’ve been found out (LOL)!! So, the links listed below may no longer work. Beware though because they change sites and product names often!

Home Income Profit System– Another avenue for people that want to work from home to consider. But is it real or a scam?

Home Income Profit System has been around for awhile, but it may be recognized by another name (what a surprise)… the BlackBelt Profit System, or more recently, The Home Income Wealth System. They are also known as Web Profit Club, and a host of other names.

HIPS is quite tempting for many peeps because it appears to require very little money (up to $3 S/H) upfront. They say sign up, pay $2.97 shipping, start posting links, and start making mega money in no time from home. They even have a site that they make look like authentic reviews of their system. But if you check the page carefully, you can tell the entire thing is fake. You can also check the main address without their extension, and see that the site is blank and waits for you to upload information. For example.. If you see a site that concerns you, and the address reads something like: http://IsThisRealBecuzitLooksFake(dot)com/MakeFastMoney, remove the info after (.com) and see what main site (or if a site) appears. This is not always foolproof, but it could reveal some interesting information.
This site will be added to my GOTCHA! list for obvious reasons, but if you want to read an informative review, click here.
Curious?  Wanna take a look?  Okay, but I do NOT advise you to sign up for this obvious scam!
I do recommend you read the review of this “company for additional information and to view comments.  For the review on “Web Profit Club” click here.
Thanks for reading!


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