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The Battle with Sprint: Are you okay with Sprint’s new 4G/tech/hardware fee?

Yep, the tech war is on again, and I think I’m smack in the middle of it!  Damn you Google!  LOL!

I am definitely a Google Baby, and I’ve been waiting on a phone from them since before anyone thought it was a possibility.  I waited and waited, and then finally, the Nexus One… on AT&T, a GSM network (sigh).  Okay, so I wait a little longer.  Then came Nexus One for T-Mobile; and now Verizon, Sprint, and others have their own versions of Android phones.

So, the battle continues among the techie phones.  For a long time, the iphone was the leader among phone users that were straying away from the Palm and Windows operating systems.  Personally, I have used the Palm OS for what seems like forever, and I’m definitely ready for a change– no offense to Palm.  However, I didn’t really want an iphone, maybe because of all of the hype (and maybe because Apple is anti open source).  I am stubborn that way.  Plus, I didn’t want to be on a BellSouth/Cingular/AT&T cellular network again (ugh).  My Palm device was originally from Verizon, but I flashed it over to cheesy Cricket.  Why?  Because of the monthly fees, of course.  Now, I’m at a cross roads–

Each Android phone, for each provider, is a little different.  As far as looks and functionality go, the one I wanted (HTC EVO 4G) ended up at Sprint.  Blah, blah, blah, and a hundred articles and lies later, Sprint is charging its loyal customers (the new EVO users) an additional $10 per month to use this phone.  Why?  Oh, there are several excuses for charging this fee.  First, they claimed it was to use the bigger, better, and faster 4G network (the illusive 4G network).  Now, reports are claiming it is to allow users to use the hardware in the phone.  What?!?  Excuse me!  Just activate the freaking phone and stop screwing around with your already dwindling customer base.

Sprint, you have nothing– NOTHING to do with the hardware or other functionality of of this or any other phone!  You are just another surrogate for Google’s innovative-ness.  How many more customers do you have to lose before you stop your craziness?!

Now, speaking of craziness… Isn’t AT&T doing the same thing with the iPhone?  Aren’t they charging their customers additional fees just because they’re using the iPhone?  I’ve even heard of fees as high as $30.  Wow!

Some posters believe this is only the beginning.  I would tend to agree.  Many wonder how high the fees will go for future 4G phones.  One or two have asked, “Why don’t they just come up with a 4G plan instead of charging this ridiculous fee?  Hmm… But that may be worse, and then they would have to come up with another way to cheat their remaining and new customers.  However, the fee is still better than AT&T’s or Verizon’s fees.

So, where do we stand?  When is enough enough?  Why haven’t phone manufacturers gotten involved?  (’cause they don’t care)  Don’t they realize this drama could affect them?  No one is safe!

I don’t have the answers, but I do have a couple of links if you’re interested.

  • Use Sprint?  You may want to check out Sprint Users.  You can also find them on facebook
  • A new website has sprung up to fight this battle and demand answers:  Explain The Fee.  Click here for their facebook page.

Please take a sec to comment or vote in the poll on the main page to let me know where you stand.

Thanks for reading!



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