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Is Cricket Wireless finally waking up? The new Kyocera Zio

Is Cricket Wireless finally waking up?  Well, it looks like they just may be finally getting out of the proverbial bed, and so is Kyocera.

Yes, coming soon to a Cricket store (and the web) near you.. The new Kyocera Zio with an Android operating system.  Whoo hoo!  Okay, so it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of the HTC EVO and other Android phones, but it does enough and at a great price without a contract.  It will ship with the Android 1.6 OS, but will be available for full 2.1 or 2.2 upgrade to users soon… maybe.

The Zio is being marketed as the Android phone for newbies or those who have been priced out of the well-hyped and pricey alternatives.  It isn’t as flashy; but it is slim, attractive, functional, and has almost everything you could want in an Android powered phone.

I’ve been a Cricket customer for several years, and my war with them is no secret.  But, for the price of wireless service, you just can’t beat them.  Customer service, however, is another story.  But I have been told by a local CSR that even that is improving.  I was also told they will obtain (if they haven’t recently) their own customer service department, instead of outsourcing.  That in itself should greatly improve customer service.  And thanks to a deal with Sprint, Cricket is now nationwide… another improvement.

On another note… Cricket will also be sporting the Blackberry Curve 8530 Smartphone.  Now, even Blackberry users have another less expensive, no contract choice.

So, if you’re a Cricket customer and you’re ready for Android or the Blackberry, the wait appears to be over.

More Zio info: Zio Specs Kyocera: Zio Cricket: Zio & Blackberry

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