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Man Amputates Own Arm to Save His Life! Could you?

Jonathan Metz, of Connecticut, saved his life by cutting off his arm while it was trapped in his furnace.  Jonathan became trapped while working on the furnace in his home.  After 3 days, he began to smell rotting flesh, so he knew he had to act.  So, he made a tourniquet and began to cut.  This act most likely saved his life.

Since his arm was becoming badly infected, doctors say he could’ve received a life threatening infection throughout his body had he not attempted an amputation.  Jonathan’s amputation was not complete, but it was enough to save his life.

This was a very brave act on his part, but could you do it?  If you knew your life hung in the balance, could you cut off a body part to save yourself?  Could you do it to save someone else?




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