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The number of parents is irrelevant. Love is what matters!

There’s been a lot posted about kids today, so maybe I’ve missed something in the news or otherwise.  But as much as I respect opposing opinions, children do not NEED or “deserve” two parents.  Children need & deserve love–all of the love they can get from as many people as possible.  Whether or not it comes from “a mom and a dad” is irrelevant. Some moms & dads as a unit have beaten & murdered their children, while some single moms like me have fought for the lives of our children.  Don’t think that just because a child has one parent that they are lacking in any way. How many two-parent children have you heard of that are severly depressed or have committed suicide?  Or bully other children?  Or have become murderers?  Or disrespect their parents and other adults?  Yes, these things can happen to a child with one parent, but my point is that having two parents doesn’t insure anything.

I’m not discounting that there are certain advantages to having two involved parents.  Of course there are.  But having two parents doesn’t make the child.  Having two parents doesn’t insure anything.  Well, sometimes it insures opposing opinions, and a child that either takes advantage of that fact or is constantly confused by it.  People have often asked me how my daughter became so “good”  and respectful.  The main reason is because I’m consistent.  I say what I mean, and I mean what I say.  She has always known that because it has never wavered.  Another reason is that she doesn’t have two parents constantly disagreeing on how to raise her.  Should she have this or not?  Should she be in timeout or spanked?  Instead of that constant madness, she has one very consistent parent, and it benefits her well.

Single parents are the most discounted parental figures in the world.  We do two and three times the work with half the glory, but we do it because we are strong and we love our children.  And no, I’m not saying that only single parents love their children.  Gish!  If you are one of those people that thinks a child absolutely needs two parents, then good for you.  Having two loving, consistent, and on-the-same-page parents is wonderful, but it’s also rare.  We know better.  We know that we may have twice the battle, but we also get double the rewards from our children.  We know that when it comes to raising a child, it’s the unyielding love that matters.

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