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My Hate-Affair with facebook [Dear Google+,]


My hate-affair with facebook is no secret.  The good thing is that I’ve been able to stay in touch with real-life friends, and I’ve also formed wonderful relationships with new friends.  The bad thing is all of that has happened on a site that I hate.

Why do I hate facebook?  It’s really quite simple.  I do not like sites that…

  1. Do not care about what the users want.
  2. Are dedicated to disclosing private information.
  3. Are greedy!
  4. Run by a dweeb!

I think facebook, in theory, is one of the best social sites around, and it feeds my need for instant gratification.  I pretty much think of it as Twitter on crack, and goodness knows, it’s better than MySpace which is overshadowed by huge ads and nonsense.  Speaking of MySpace… What in the world are they doing?  It just keeps getting worse!

Anyway, someone talked me into joining FB a long time ago.  I was reluctant, but I did it.  Then, I un-did it. Then, I did it again.  I have to admit, the main reason I initially left was because I hate all of that blue.  But, I also didn’t like that I couldn’t make my page look like I wanted it to look.  Frankly, I was bored with it.  Well, after a few years, I’m still there.  Why?  Because of the relationships I mentioned above.  I’ve met several wonderful mommies and writers that I would not have met otherwise.  I’ve also stayed closely connected with real-life friends.  Where else can someone find out who is happy, upset, hungry, pregnant, having a bad day, wrestling a dog, cooking dinner, and going on vacation all in one place with lightening speed?  I’ll tell you where else… Google+!

Yes, you read me right!  Google is bringing on some serious competition to facebook, and they’re calling this new social network Google Plus (Google+).  They have watched FB make critical mistakes, and they plan to take advantage of it.

Facebook’s privacy issues have been ongoing for years.  Because of those issues, and the ever-changing formats, I’ve chosen to provide not-so-true personal information in my account.  At least that way, I don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s leaked to the highest advertising bidder.  I also have issue with sites telling me what they deem necessary to expose.  Facebook’s privacy statement is as follows:

“Your name, profile picture, gender, networks and username are available to everyone because this info is essential to helping you connect with your friends and family.

  • Name and profile picture help friends recognize you.
  • Gender helps us describe you (for example, “Add her as a friend”).
  • Networks are open to everyone so network members can see who they will be sharing information with before they choose “Friends and Networks” for any privacy settings.

Other information in this section, including hometown, activities and experiences, is open to everyone by default to help you connect with friends and get the most out of your Facebook experience.”  Excuse me, but I think I’m capable of connecting with whomever I want to connect with without your assistance.

Google plans to concentrate on privacy and real social interaction.  They call it “Real-life sharing, rethought for the web”. Users will have the ability to add friends to “circles”, making it easier to update specific people about specific information.  Instead of “liking”, users will be +1-ing.  Places?  Forget that.  Hangouts is where it’s at!  There’s also Huddle for communicating with several friends at once, and Sparks for your personalized news stream.  Don’t think you’ll be left out when you’re on the go either.  Google+ Mobile will be there too.  And the best part of all of this is users can share what they WANT to share.  For more information on features and the interactive tour, click here.

Personally, I’m psyched!  And yes, I WILL fall away from facebook when Google+ goes live.  I plan to snatch every friend I can, and yank them over to G+ with a quickness!  In case you’re wondering, I won’t cancel my FB account right away.  I’ll need time to get used to G+, rebuild my circle of friends, and wait for Google to work out any kinks.  I’ll check-in on FB periodically, but I definitely won’t be a resident.  Let’s not forget that facebook keeps user info even after an account has been deleted.  Yeah, they do!

As a matter of note, Mark Zuckerberg and/or facebook inc., has planned to unveil something on July 6th that is promised to be “awesome”.  It’s rumored that this big announcement may involve Skype (skype-powered video chat), mobile, or other similar technological advancements.  That’s great!  But, uh, I don’t care!

Currently, the Google+ network is in beta, and you have to be invited in order to try it out.  Bummer, I know!  But I understand the premise.  Invitees can then invite their friends to join, and the friends are then added to the “circle”.  Obviously, this is necessary so that users can actually try out the social features. So, if you know someone that has already been added (I wish I did), hit them up for an invite.  If you don’t know anyone, be patient.  The clear alternative is on its way (and it’s about time)!  Ironically, I’m about to post a link to this on facebook.  Can you see the irony?

Google+ Interactive Tour

San Francisco IBTimes

Mashable’s Review

Want to know the pros & cons according to current users?

Thanks for reading! 


4 responses

  1. You’ve some intriguing ideas! Maybe I should to consider doing this by my self. Cheers


    July 27, 2011 at 6:18 pm

    • Anita

      Give it a try! I’m sure you’ll like it!
      Thanks for stopping by!


      July 27, 2011 at 7:37 pm

  2. I’m on Google+ now and yes, I’m doing roughly the same thing that you are. I even ran a script to delete the entire contents of my facebook wall. There’s nothing left there now except a post telling people to find me on Google+ instead.


    July 14, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    • Anita

      Hi, IGnatius!

      Thanks for your comment! I completely agree with you! I’ve been slowly removing stuff from fb, and increasing activity on Google+, now that I’m a member (YAY!) I’d love to know about the script you ran to get rid of your fb contents.

      If you or anyone else is interested, there’s an unofficial Google Plus Blog there. They post some interesting stuff.


      July 14, 2011 at 6:18 pm


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