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Early Voting and the Always Expected Embarrassment

Today was the last day, but somehow (pain and all) I made it out for early voting. Yay! I don’t like voting on November 6th. It puts a damper on a day I already don’t like.

Early voting is a pretty great and convenient thing.  It’s wonderful to not have to wait in a ridiculously long line while trying to deal with strange smells you’ve never experienced before– all with a patient smile on your face.  This time, the longest part of the process was just getting into the building and to the awaiting voting room, and even that was pretty quick.

My shorty was with me, and she was rather upset that she couldn’t vote.  She did not want to hear that she had to wait a few more years.  I decided to use this election to teach her about the electoral process, as well as pride, self-respect, and honor.  Even she noticed all of the ugly words being tossed between the candidates, and she was very aware of my annoyance.  She actually asked why they were acting so ugly.  I said, “Because talking down to an opponent and winning is more important than maintaining dignity and self-respect.”  She shook her head in agreement.

So, here we are.  This political mess has been spewed all over social networking sites especially (cough-cough) facebook. Differing opinions, and many strong (or even low-brow) comments have flooded my stream. And that’s cool, right? Free speech and all?  Even the really stupid and clearly uninformed posts?  **evil grin**

We all have opinions and beliefs, and that’s really what having a choice is all about. My opinions of our current options are my own. I see no need to criticize one or glorify another here or anywhere else.  It’s easy for people, who do absolutely nothing to exact change in lives or society, to sit back and constantly criticize and insult the ones who are at least standing up. It’s easy to be critical of everything a politician (or anyone) says and does when you’re a talking head sitting on a couch or tapping on your keyboard.  Imagine the options we would have if half the people who complain and point fingers stood up and did something– anything– to make a difference.  Just imagine.

All of that aside… As a country and as a people, we are being watched. If I were from another country, I would think all of the United States’ politicians (and therefore all of the people) are a bunch of freaks. Not because of their views or the opposed parties, but because of the media attacks, the constant mud-slinging, and the complete lack of self-control and morality. {Insert all of the cheating and lying politicians.  Uh, not all of them.  Just the ones who got caught.}

Every election season, I am completely embarrassed that these men and women represent me, my family and friends, and my country. They truly demonstrate the reality that, as a people and as a country, we are divided.  Not only politically, but also socially and financially.  This is something we all know, but elections seem to make it even more visible.

Sadly, instead of sticking to the issues, politicians resort to low-brow tactics to degrade the competition.  I mean seriously… The commercials/media spots are just ridiculous, and ridiculous isn’t even a strong enough word.  It is completely embarrassing that in 2012, after all we have been through, we can’t treat each other (or talk to each other) any better than this.  Yes, you’re running for office.  Yes, you want to win.  Why can’t you do that without the crap?  Why can’t ANY of you run your campaigns on the issues, and on your perceived assets?  Yes, tell us how you and your opponent differ, but do it with a little dignity and self-respect.  Oh wait… Politics, dignity, and self-respect.  Ugh!  Never mind.

Election Day will be here is just a few days, and I must admit, I can’t wait to find out who wins.  Will I be excited, or will I be ready to move out of the country?  LOL!

And how will Hurricane Sandy affect the elections?  Will this disaster be a plus for one of the candidates?

Are the “celebrities” having an impact on your opinions?  Pfft!  Not mine!  Just sayin’.

And let’s not forget the voting mafia that’s floating around the country trying to intimidate… errr… I mean trying to ensure fairness with… voters.  Why are these people primarily in lower-income and predominately black areas? They claim to be making sure there is no cheating, and everything is on the level.  But the victims (oops– I mean the voters) say they are being targeted and intimidated in an effort to keep them from voting.  I guess they’re afraid these voters will mainly vote for Obama.

In addition, this organization claims to be non-partisan, yet they have “another company” that straight-up supports republicans.  Hmmmm…

Anyway, this is a weird election season.  Just weird.  Almost everyone has an opinion on the candidates, and that’s cool.  I don’t have to agree with your views and opinions, and you don’t have to agree with mine.  But I do respect that you have them… as long as you VOTE to express them!  Yes, we can agree to disagree on many points, but let’s agree to vote so that we all have a say.

Thanks for reading!



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