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Grove Square Coffee: K-Cups

Oh, my!  Oh, my!  Oh, my!  What do I say about Grove Square Coffee. Specifically, the medium roast K-cups.  Ummm… Don’t EVER buy this product!  Horrible, horrible things.  So horrible, they don’t even advertise them on their own website.

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Let’s just list this stuff, so we can get this over with:

  • Price is slightly less than more popular k-cup varieties.
  • If you buy it, shake it!  Not much in those cups.
  • Weak, weak, weak!  The stream of coffee turns clear faster than water from your kitchen faucet.
  • Tastes moderately okay… minimally.
  • It says, “Medium Roast”, but if you want that, you need to use more than 1 cup.
  • It says, “Makes One Cup”.  Uh, if you use your child’s toy teacup.

Well, I think I’ve made my point.  El yucko!  Okay, seriously… Not worth the price no matter how you look at it.

Their site advertises other k-cup products, but as I mentioned, they don’t even list this product even though it’s available all over the place.  Considering how substandard this particular product is, I would never try another one of their products.

**Look for my upcoming review of Cameron’s Intense French Dark Roast.

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