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TIPsy Turvey: Battle on the Tipping Playground (post on blogger)

Tips 2Since I’m going through so many blog and site changes, I decided I had to do a little posty post on my old blog. Yep, I’m shaking things up a bit (for me anyway). So, if you don’t mind, go check it out!

That post is about my take on the tipping dilemma that is circling again. I must admit, I go through a mental checklist when it’s time to tip, so I decided to chime in– albeit on my very old hangout. The post is titled, “TIPsy Turvey: Battle on the Tipping Playground“, and I’d appreciate it if you would give it a read.  Thanks so much!

NOTE: If you follow me on GooglePlus, please note that I’ve moved around a bit. You can now find me at Anita Black, and the Anita’s Desk page is here. There is also a link to G+ and a button to follow me on blogger.

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Is Carrying a Concealed Weapon the Answer?

Concealed WeaponIt seems this debate continues to have a life of its own– The right to carry a concealed weapon and should it be regulated on the state or local level. Like everyone else, I have an opinion. Chances are it might be misunderstood by most people. Hopefully not.

A friend shared an old “surveillance” video of a customer turning the tables on two criminals. It is meant to support the right to carry, and I guess it does in a way. But, to me, it also proves another point.  The following video is not the exact one my friend shared, but it’s just one more copy of the same incident. Read the rest of this page »

But What Can I do?

GiveHello again!

I thought I’d take a moment to reblog my post on Grace Plus Faith. It’s titled But What Can I Do?, and it’s about finding ways to help one another.

As a nation and as a world, many families and individuals are suffering. They need our help, and there is so much we can do. So, take a moment to read my post. Then, gather up some items you no longer need, and make a difference!

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Just in case you were wondering #themes

question markHello, again! Well, just in case you were wondering why my WP theme changes quite often, I thought I’d refer you to Denielle’s site because I believe she explains this conundrum quite well. Actually, she took the words right out of my mouth. I’d swear she’s my twin… uh… from different parents… of a different race… in a different age bracket… uh… of no relation whatsoever. 😀

Anyway, these WP themes often get the better of me, but I’m glad to know I’m not alone. Enjoy her post, and thanks for stopping by!

My Little Disclaimer About This Site

Please Press 1

Press 1

See below for info, or click image.

Okay, Gotta vent– just a little. Seriously– just a little.

I know people have been engaged in this conversation forever, and I’ve been part of the pack. You know what I’m talking about… The infamous automated recording that seems to always say, “For English, please press one.”  Yep, it has annoyed me more than once. I usually grunt, and continue on. But, for some reason, that very familiar message has really been clawing at my backside lately.

Yes, some people have taken this topic way over the edge, and a specific race or two got caught in the crossfire. I get the irritation. I REALLY do.  Sometimes, Read the rest of this page »

Snow Day for Homeschool? #homeschool

Marge and Lisa - Snow DayHonestly… Who left the barn door open!?!?

I was going to write about something else regarding homeschooling, but I just can’t wrap my head around our current situation.

I homeschool my daughter, and as I’m sure you’re aware, this is one brutal winter. We usually experience rather mild winters around here in the TN area. Usually, our biggest concern is tornadoes. But, this winter is definitely something to write home about… if your fingers aren’t icicles, that is.

My daughter was bouncing around and laughing about the local school closures.  I said to her, “I don’t know why you’re so happy. You’re homeschooled.”  She said, “Oh, it’s just funny ’cause I know kids are excited.”  Well, I guess she also had a good reason to be excited after all.

The temperatures have been unforgiving as even the daytime temps have been in the single digits. Highs of 8 degrees (if we were lucky), and lows below zero.  Many homes in our area have been without power. So far, we’ve been lucky there. However, we did wake up to frozen water lines this morning even though I’ve been diligent about the drip-drip and exposing the pipes.  The problem is that our house is freezing!  FREEZING!  It’s an older house, and it isn’t exactly ‘sealed’ against the outside elements.  So, even when the heat is on, it simply travels through the cracks around windows, doors, and other places, leaving me to turn up the dial; and thus, increase the electric bill to elevated proportions.  Since the electric bill would be so high, I’ve had to resort to only heating our bedrooms. So, the rest of the house, including the kitchen and living room, is insanely cold (even with industrial plastic on some of the windows).

This has caused an unforeseen problem. We’re so cold that teaching (and learning) has become rather impossible.  Even as I write this, there is a candle on my desk for the sole purpose of warming my fingers so I can type. Not just to write this, but also to pay bills, create lessons and lesson plans, record-keeping, and all of the other terribly fun stuff.  (I had to take several breaks while writing this.)

Yes, I could take my frozen computers and text books into my bedroom, and I could teach from there. Many homeschooling families have even less space than I do, so it is possible. I just don’t want to. So, there. 🙂 We are still doing the bible study portion, and we are doing that in the bedrooms. We are also still having the arts and crafts (currently knitting) class in the bedrooms, but the rest is just going to have to wait… Wait until the easels, boards, and tons of books and notebooks wouldn’t have to take over my room… Wait until I can teach without having to run to the bedroom to get warm… Wait until my baby can learn without her teeth chattering.

So, here’s to an extended Christmas and birthday vacation! YAY! We’ll just have to play catch up later… when it’s warmer– just a little warmer.  For now, we’ll read even more together (which is still part of her studies), we’ll spend even more time cuddling during these bitter cold days and nights, and we’ll spend even more time laughing, playing, and enjoying our time together. Well, we can do that because we homeschool, and we do it year-round! 🙂

What are you doing to get through this winter?

Your comments are welcome!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Please remember to keep the homeless and struggling families in your prayers. Not only during this extremely cold season, but always. If you’re able to help out in some way, please consider doing so. Thank you! 

Interested in reading a little about paying it forward? Check out my post on Grace Plus Faith!

Today’s Topic is Unknown

For a few days, I’ve been thinking about what I want to write about. I guess you could say this is one of the many times my mind is over processing.  So much is whirling around in there that I can’t seem to grab on to one thing and hold tight.

So, what do I write about? Do I write about my ever-growing hate-affair with google?  Maybe. My never-ending hate-affair with facebook? Nah.  Should I write about how I’m feeling these days?  Maybe another time.  What if I write about how some people dislike double spacing between sentences?  <– 1,2 –>  Hmmm.  Oh, well.  To each his own.

For the record, I am having a hate-affair with google. I’m REALLY over them at this point. They’ve taken over almost everything in cyber-world, they decide which names are on our headers/banners on OUR pages, they determine OUR account names, they’ve made all of their products into one across-the-board cyber mess, they pull ALL of your G+ circles into your phone (because heaven knows you’d want that.), they are ruining apps with ridiculous and crack-induced updates, and don’t even get me on the pictures. The pictures  about which you say, “No, you can’t upload them from my phone!”, and they do it anyway.  I could go on and on.  Instead, I will just say that I’ve been creating email addresses outside of g-world (not yah-world either) so that I can easily move on. Unfortunately, I have an android phone, so I’m stuck with them for a little bit, but a little is better than a lot.  Rant over.

Now, back to my dilemma.  What should I write about?  Here’s the thing… It doesn’t matter what I write about as long as I write. As of late, that has been my mistake.  I want to write about and discuss so many things, but I end up writing about nothing.  Sometimes, my brain just gets overwhelmed.

So, even though I didn’t have a particular topic today, I still wrote. Right?  Yeah, I also vented, so there ya go. 🙂 If you write, what will you write about?

Thanks for reading, and your comments are welcomed!